World Heritage Days

11 June
Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps

World Heritage Days

From June 9th till 11th 2017, Switzerland will organise its second edition of the World Heritage Days. The World Heritage properties will open their doors to the public and offer tailor-made programs for this occasion.

Special tours, open doors, encounters with people working behind the scenes of the World Heritage site and few surprises will make you explore the UNESCO properties. Visit the events near you and take this unique opportunity to discover unexpected facts and experience our heritage.

Visitors program

Permanent exhibition

YESTERDAY… Between the Mediterranean and the North Sea


“YESTERDAY… Between the Mediterranean and the North Sea”. 500 centuries of local history in the heart of Europe: this is the theme of the permanent exhibition at the Laténium. You are taken – step by step – through the different stages of human evolution, from the present day back to the times of the Neanderthal man. The exhibition consists of 8 different rooms, comprising a total area of 2200 m2. In reverse order, it spans a time frame from the Renaissance to the Palaeolithic Era. Thanks to clear explanations, small-scale models, audiovisual media, games for children and many more features, each room settles you into a new atmosphere, where you may learn about the basics of archaeological work and the scientific interpretation of our own past.


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The Latenium archaeological park

The Park

The Latenium archaeological park

Lying on the south face of the Jura Mountains, the Laténium archaeological park is a perfect place for a stroll. It tells the story of the shores of Lake Neuchâtel and its people, from the end of the Ice Age until today.

Several different landscapes on display, from tundra to present-day agricultural land, show the climatic and environmental changes which the Neuchâtel region went through since the end of the Ice Age. Furthermore, full size reconstructions and authentic archaeological artefacts are presented in the park, bringing prehistory to life!

The Latenium archaeological park

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