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If you have any questions or requests, please contact:

Laténium, parc et musée d’archéologie
Espace Paul Vouga
2068 Hauterive
tél: +41 32 889 69 10



Marc-Antoine Kaeser, director

Géraldine Delley, deputy-director

Virginie Galbarini, administrator in charge of communication, marketing and PR


Marie-Josée Rezzonico, secretary

Daniel Gauch, secretary

Laboratory for conservation-restoration

Christian Cevey, head

Joëlle Bregnard Munier, deputy-head

Emmanuelle Domon Beuret, deputy-head

Célestine Leuenberger, scientific collaborator

Scientific collaborator and inventory officer

Corinne Ramseyer

Graphic designer

Stefania Scartazzini


Maryke Oosterhoff

Head of cultural mediation

Daniel Dall’Agnolo

Visitor reception and museum shop

Sarah Vandenreydt, responsible for the reception of the public and the shop

Cheewanon Migliorini, reception staff member

Lucia Longo, reception staff member

Technical support and maintenance of building and park

Jahangir Rizvi, technical collaborator

Alexandre Girod, gardener