Open from 10.00 to 17.00

Children and families

Discover the Laténium with your family ! 

Children, parents, grandparents, godfathers or godmothers, explore as a family the different ways of discovering the Laténium and the profession of archaeologist!

  • In the museum mini-laboratories enable visitors to try out scientific methods such as excavations, dating or preservation methods. Educational games for children, videos and models punctuate your visit.
  • Consult the museum’s programme to discover an array of activities. These enable you to spend quality time together as a family, to be creative and to tackle an archaeological topic in an original manner.
  • Extend your visit to the museum with a walk in the archeological park. Have a picnic in the pile-dwelling houses. Enjoy the playground in the centre of the park facing the lake.

An archaeological birthday !

Celebrate your child’s birthday at the Laténium! Celebrate this special day by discovering an aspect of archaeology together with your friends. Medallion, mosaic, clay or painting, choose a workshop, which will be organised by a guide. Then enjoy a birthday cake in the Café du Laténium, where a table will be reserved for you. Finally, the archaeological park will offer children spaces to have fun!