Open from 10.00 to 17.00

“DES CHOSES”, 28 MAY 2021 – 9 JANUARY 2022

The exhibition “Des choses” will present to the public some disconcerting, even disturbing archaeological objects, whose singularity often confines them to the register of anecdotal or “miscellaneous” : a small batch of white sand brought back from a long journey and found in a Bronze Age habitat on the Swiss Plateau, a yew stick badly cut by a child to play with a bow 5000 years ago, a collection of fossil sea urchins gathered 3000 years ago, whose shapes were used to decorate terracotta spindle whorls in the Bronze Age, …

These “special cases” bring us back to the banality of the daily life of our predecessors, to their intimacy, even to their mental universe usually considered difficult to define through the study of material remains. Their evocative potential obliges archaeologists to approach them through as yet little-used analytical grids such as the emotional, the sensitive, the poetic, etc., which gives them a particular narrative value. This unusual material culture thus leads archaeologists to confront the limits of their own scientific approach.

The exhibition is staged by scenographer Adrien Moretti and set up by the Laténium team, which includes archaeologists, curator-restorers and specialist technicians.

[Translated by Internet]